Weekly links and other updates from Sierra Club Seattle Group


An American Buys an E-Bike Every 52 Seconds (Streetsblog)

As Washington gears up to pour billions into getting Americans behind the wheel of electric cars, demand for electric bicycles is soaring — and advocates say that demand would be even stronger if U.S. cities were building bike infrastructure to match the revolutionary emerging mode.

The Cities Trailblazing Transit Service into the Wilderness (Next City)

In whisking hikers from busy downtown streets and light rail stations out to hundreds of miles of backcountry trails, Trailhead Direct represents what outdoor recreation groups and transit planners alike believe will be increasingly necessary in years to come: an alternative to driving for people who want to spend some time in nature.


Transit Returning to Full Capacity

King Country Metro buses and other transit services return to full capacity July 3. Masks are still required.

Call For The Release of The Racial Equity Toolkit Analysis Report

Sierra Club Seattle Group recently signed on to a letter urging the release of a long-delayed City of Seattle racial equity report.

Councilmember Mosqueda To Recognize Diversity of Seattle Neighborhoods With Zoning Name Change

This simple change reflects both the current reality of the way many Seattleites live and our vision of Seattle as a city rich with homes for all shapes and sizes of families, an important perspective shift as we begin planning for the next phase of Seattle’s growth.