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A photo of two white-skinned hands gripping a grey steering wheel.

Talking Headways Podcast: How We’ve Subsidized Driving (and What To Do About It) (Streetsblog)

When an employer cashes out the free parking or a apartment building unbundles the parking, that you get somewhere between a 10 and 30 percent reduction in car travel or car or automobile ownership — typically 20% percent of car traffic is the result of this current practice of providing free parking to employees.

These Pacific Northwest cyclists are trying to make the sport more accessible for everyone (Seattle Times)

And in the wake of this bike…

Links and other updates from Sierra Club Seattle Group

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Could the voting rights fight hinder climate and energy policies? (Politico)

“The same people that are impacted by climate change and pollution and environmental injustice are the same people that are targeted by voter suppression and corporate polluter money because the intent is to silence their voices,” said Courtney Hight, director of the Sierra Club’s Democracy Program.

The High Price of Losing the War Against Urban Heat (CityLab)

Adopting these “smart” surfaces on a citywide scale can not only reduce summer temperatures in Baltimore by 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit on average and…

Links and other updates from Sierra Club Seattle Group


What’s In a Name: Ending Exclusionary Zoning (The Urbanist)

Big changes are underway to right historical wrongs, and we can’t rebuild Seattle in a day or with one piece of legislation, but this one piece of legislation is absolutely a critical launching pad for starting the substantive changes we want to see.

The Gender Divide in Transport Is Starting to Crumble (CityLab)

As cities across Europe look to make transport greener, the overhaul is revealing gender issues as well. In auto-intensive Germany, men travel roughly double the distance by car compared…

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A bright orange-red E-bike on a plaza with a multi-story building and a blue sky in the background

An American Buys an E-Bike Every 52 Seconds (Streetsblog)

As Washington gears up to pour billions into getting Americans behind the wheel of electric cars, demand for electric bicycles is soaring — and advocates say that demand would be even stronger if U.S. cities were building bike infrastructure to match the revolutionary emerging mode.

The Cities Trailblazing Transit Service into the Wilderness (Next City)

In whisking hikers from busy downtown streets and light rail stations out to hundreds of miles of backcountry trails, Trailhead Direct represents what outdoor recreation groups…

Editor’s note: Sierra Club Seattle Group recently signed on to this important letter from the Housing Development Consortium, which we share here to amplify our call.

A cluster of small, colorful birdhouses in a tree in the foreground of a residential neighborhood.
Photo courtesy of SDOT

June 22nd, 2021

Dear Mayor Durkan and OPCD,

RE: Call for the Release of the Racial Equity Toolkit Analysis Report

On behalf of our organizations working together on housing advocacy, we call for the immediate release of the Racial Equity Toolkit analysis report. …

Weekly links and other updates from Sierra Club Seattle Group


Red, Black, and Green “Black Lives Matter” flag flying in the sun

Sierra Club Announces Support for Black Reparations

As the climate crisis continues to disproportionately harm Black communities, it is up to us to build an intersectional climate justice movement that ensures a habitable planet for all people. And we cannot create that movement without demanding reparations for Black people — a community that is burdened with deep trauma stemming from a legacy of colonialism, genocide, land theft, enslavement, racial terror, racial capitalism, structural discrimination, and exclusion.


Weekly links and other updates from Sierra Club Seattle Group

Two pairs of feet walking across a rainbow-striped crosswalk


The Queer City: How to Design More Inclusive Public Space (StreetsBlog)

City planners need to cater to the specific needs of all sectors of the population. For the LGBTQ+ community, this does not just mean preserving venues and historic landmarks. Historically, housing has often been intentionally designed for heterosexual families. Changing design assumptions — planning for all kinds of people and families — will make cities and neighborhoods feel more accessible and diverse.

Congratulations to Mitchell S. Jackson and Runner’s World for for winning a Pulitzer Prize this week for…

Weekly links and other updates from Sierra Club Seattle Group

Every Child Matters: 215 Memorial. Daybreak Star Cultural Center, Friday June 4, 2021, 5pm


We, alongside our neighbors in Canada, are heartbroken over the discovery of hundreds of unmarked graves of Indigenous children at a Kamloops residential school.

If you’d like to donate to help survivors, one option is the Indian Residential Schools Survivors Society.

If you need emotional support, Canada’s National Indian Residential School Crisis Line can be reached at 1-866-925-4419.

Canada: remains of 215 children found at Indigenous residential school site (The Guardian)

Indigenous communities have long believed that residential school students were buried in unmarked graves, and proving it has been…

Weekly links and other updates from Sierra Club Seattle Group

Photo by Brittney Bush Bollay


I can feel your breath’: when COVID-19 and environmental racism collide (The Narwhal)

“Environmental racism is based on this idea that we aren’t human enough to deserve a clean environment. Nobody cares if we get sick and die because we’re just Indigenous people. And industry and government are banking on that.”

King County’s culvert hunters — and a $9 billion plan to save salmon habitat (Seattle Times)

It’s no desk job, being a culvert hunter. These are the field medics looking for the blockages impairing the health of the region’s…

The Seattle Group Executive Committee is now recruiting.

Do you:
-Have all the Link Light Rail expansion plans memorized?
-Bore friends at parties by talking endlessly about the housing crisis?
-Evangelize your e-bike everywhere you go?

Congratulations, you‘re just our type!

Sierra Club Seattle Group wants YOU for our executive committee. The Executive Committee guides Sierra Club’s stance on local Seattle issues, including public transit, housing density, environmental justice, and political endorsements. The ExCom also plans campaigns and events, and engages in activism such as writing blog posts and op-eds, public comment and stakeholder meetings, phone and text banking.


Sierra Club Seattle

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